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A biography is a description of life and or experiences either of yourself or someone else. However, only the facts that are both interesting and unique are stressed upon, omitting all the unnecessary and irrelevant details.

At times a person’s life is so rich of facts and experiences that people wants it to be shared among the public. It is usually a form of a narrative that proceeds step by step through a person’s life. Hence, it aims to inform each phase of a persons’ life, describing it with intriguing facts and experiences. As it is a work of non-fiction writing, therefore, it contains information that is based upon facts and realities.

To pen down another person’s life story, there are few ways to filter and eliminate weak spots. Writing a biography starts with ample research, pulling and combining all available resources like newspapers, publications, interviews and/ or any other document that gives a valid sight into the subject’s life. Consequently, it becomes essential for the writer to avoid misrepresenting the subject as well as acknowledging the first-hand information and resource that carries no ambiguity. Therefore, a biography is said to be written without personal bias and staying objective to all the details, giving details and information that is true.

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