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Writing fiction on action and adventure can add and attract all the amusing characters, combats, suspense and thrill and give a blowing outcome for the entertainment of the readers. Author can make his creativity run as fast as possible.

Action and adventure in fiction books can attract any scene to engage the readers. A tale which is exciting and full of thrill. An action story demands foreseeing the events, anticipating the future and basing the next move in the same direction. This allows developing the scenes, characters and plot, sometimes slowly and sometimes with a bang. The writer gradually reveals the links between these well-paced scenes as the wider story unfolds. This adds suspense, thrill and excitement along the way. Writing a fiction gives an edge to the writer as he can add as much as his creativity allows, not forgetting to keep a balance between loading the story with unnecessary action or being overly cautious to add any adventure.

As the conventional setting of an action or adventure book, the writer needs to add description to the deeds, movements and gestures while exposing the characters. The goal of the writer here is simple, to make the readers turn the page with added excitement every time. Be it a combat, a killing, an abduction or hijack, or breath-taking action, the writer has to make sure to push the readers to their highest level of excitement.

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