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While, autobiography is always mistaken with biography, there is a thin line that separates the two. Autobiography is giving the account of one’s own life. It is expressing your life in your own voice, giving originality to the emotions added in the book.

Autobiography is said to be a focused writing that is based on the writers own view and perceptions. It is a first-hand account of one’s own life. Autobiography is typically a summary of a writers own life, however, it is targeted to display only a few facts, experiences, challenges or accomplishments that are worth mentioning. Thus, it is meant to inform and report certain facts that were present in the writer’s lifetime. As it is a work of non-fiction, hence, it is said to deliver only those facts or experiences that were true and accurate but in a way which appeals and interests its audience. It makes it crystal clear that the reader’s awaits a thrilling and a stimulating fact based story that brings excitement in the end.

No matter how interesting an autobiography’s manuscript maybe, it still demands to pay attention to few basics. Since it focuses on one or few parts of a writer’s life, therefore, the writer needs to dig in the minute details of describing a specific part. It should thoroughly dictate the origin, particulars, outcomes and moral of that particular fact. Additionally, an autobiography needs to stay on its track and do not deviate from its target, avoiding all the irrelevant and out of track details. This definitely does not mean to begin and conclude the story with a dry nature. It still needs to contain an essence of suspense and thrill, a well-developed plot and a catchy story that leaves the readers inspired.

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