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A memoir is assembling and writing the collection of memories that are attached to one’s life. It is a reflection and reminiscing of experiences that connects with the author’s past life.

Memoirs delves deeply into a writer’s personal experience. Memoir is that art of writing which stresses upon the selection and arrangement of memories into one piece. Being an elusive genre, a memoir leaves the writer into a muddle of memories both the traumatizing moments and the blissful memories. But is it correct to base our recollections of past experiences to our present day emotions? That’s where the mastery of a memoir writer hops in. a memoir will keep the purpose and goals of recalling a memory and connect it with his art to produce the best memoir ever. Hence, writing a memoir is not as easy as it seems. It is bringing together two parallel timelines, followed by echoing events in the recent and distant past. It might seem an easy compilation of some faded and some sparkling memories but in reality, it is actually forgoing some most touching events and making space for memories that form the sound structure of a story. Describing your life’s journey is not just a story telling. A memoir invisibly asks the writer to present a tidy yet a thrilling series of events, leading to connections of emotion between episodes.

Thus, a memoir is a complex and thoughtful writing piece that requires immense effort of jotting down the intricate details of one’s life and ultimately, producing a breath taking book.

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