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Western writing boasts historians, fiction and nonfiction authors, comic writers, romance writers, songwriters, poets etc for publishing books. Authors here can work in every medium and on every fiction genre, producing a sound writing piece of western American literature.

Western fiction is a genre originated from the late eighteenth to the late nineteenth century in the American Old West frontier. The genre was at its peak during 60’s due to the admiration and popularity of Westerns on visual medium, televisions. However, Western readership began to fall back slowly and gradually, reaching a minimal point of existence. Going from all the up’s and down’s, Western literature never ceased to exist.

What is exactly a Western fiction then? In Western genre, the stories usually takes the scenes from the previous century in the Old West American, circling around the life of a cowboy, nomadic, combatant, farmer, rancher, crooks, bandits or mounted cavalry. Hence, the setting used in the writing is usually stresses upon the harsh, arid and desolate landscapes.

Consequently, a Western fiction can be categorized under further genres of action, crime, suspense, thrill, adventure, revenge, retribution, Native Americans, outlaw, crooked gang, wilderness, justice, social order, comedy and/ or romance and many more.


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